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TMG Business Solutions LLC is providing services that can assist you and your practice during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Our commitment coincides with our vision of letting provider's get back to practicing medicine. Click here.


Healthcare Practice Optimization

TMG is dedicated to providing customizable solutions and letting you get back to practicing medicine.

Today is full of upheaval and uncertainty. COVID-19 virus is impacting all medical practices, which requires you to take a different view of your business.


Now is a suitable time for you to challenge your business model at every level.


Stress-related afflictions can accelerate problems. We are equipped to understand your practice/business reaction to changes over time.

We anticipate what changes are taking place.

Healthcare organizations are redesigning their business model and hiring business consultants in their recovery planning. 

That is what TMG Business Solutions is qualified to do. 

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Do you want to stay as an independent practice, or are you considering merging with a group or hospital network? Contemplating a buyout from an equity group?

Today's dilemma that most practices/businesses are facing:

Is it location?

Is it priority of services?

Is it staffing levels or practice ownership?

Is it upcoming CME's, cash flow, suppliers, vendors, reimbursements?

TMG Business Solutions is able to help you anticipate and prepare for these changes.

We can promise you that every practice is rethinking what they are doing next and what adjustments will need to be made.

Today is the greatest opportunity for you and your practice to step out and show leadership! TMG is ready and willing to assist you in navigating these turbulent waters. 


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About Us

TMG Business Solutions is an active management, fee for service consultancy, specializing in tele-health, business development, practice optimization and operational efficiency.


As the healthcare environment continues to evolve, TMG is committed to supporting your business and letting you get back to practicing medicine.

TMG Business Solutions provides collaborative team effort to assist the practice with new/revised processes:

  • Business Development and Recovery

  • Mobile Device Management and Strategy 

  • Existing Patient Retention and New Patient Acquisitions

  • Healthcare Support and Solutions

  • Healthcare Policy Management and Execution

  • Data Analytics

  • Social Media Marketing


We partner with 'best in class' on business solutions that fit your needs and practice goals.


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TMG Business Solutions focuses on:


Telehealth Applications



Practice performance &


Operational staffing & Recruitment

Today it is all about creating value and ongoing efficiencies while managing the challenge of workforce optimization.


Contact Us

phone: 703.340.6100

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