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A Letter from Principle Owner of TMG Business Solutions

Today, healthcare statistics support the premise that joining a larger practice facility or hospital group is the only answer to the challenges faced by independent practices. Certainly that is an option, but we submit to you that was not the goal when you first started practicing medicine.

Never before in recent history have we been faced with these social dilemmas. Relying on new support tools and mechanisms for your business is not only acceptable but a requirement to current and future success. Working under a new principal may not be the answer.

Healthcare has been seen as a reactive medical process. Patients tend to wait until they have something wrong. Conversely, over the past year, patients have been forced into a more proactive relationship with their healthcare provider. The same could be said about the physician practices we have met. Stay reactive until something upsets the business practice model. Proactive changes to the business are typically placed on the back burner. ‘Too much to do today!’

This is where TMG Business Solutions plays a key role in redeveloping your business. As a value added resource, we encourage adaption and adjustments where needed. To that end, we consider ourselves key partner to your practice in these times of uncertainty.

We use a thoughtful process in our assessment of your practice. Our team will design a solution that fits your practice. There are not a one size fits all solution.

TMG is focused on revenue recovery coming through this difficult time of Covid-19. We are also committed to serving your practice in eliminating obstacles in bringing your business to an optimal state.

Making changes goes beyond reopening your practice to patients. This requires more than your team to bring back patient confidence and safety. Revenue recovery will occur only after you have reset new practice goals and anticipate the challenges ahead.

We want to assist you in remaining independent and independent to practice medicine under your personal plan. We will help with the execution and efficiency.

After you are satisfied with our work, we will step back from your practice and remain at arms-length to keep the confidence among your team.

We are ready to serve you.

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